Mount Isa Mines Rodeo

Friday Rodeo Rock Concert

Friday Rodeo Rock Concert

Brad Cox

Brad Cox, the beloved Australian artist, and songwriter, has carved a remarkable path in the music scene, captivating audiences with his authentic spirit and down-to-earth persona. With a series of chart-topping albums and hit singles, Cox has solidified his place as one of the most celebrated musicians in the country.

In 2023, Brad's third studio album 'ACRES' reached #1 on ARIA Country Charts and #7 on ARIA Album Chart and was awarded the Golden Guitar for ‘Top Selling Country Album of the Year’. The album stands as a testament to his versatility, navigating thematically from earthy country pop to heartfelt piano-led ballads and anthemic party songs.

Following the album release Brad and his band of brothers embarked on the 'Acres Tour.’ The tour was met with overwhelming support, with packed houses singing along word for word, highlighting Brad's powerful connection with his fans, and his established status as a renowned festival headline act.

Friday Rodeo Rock Concert

Hindley Street Country Club

From support of friends and family to generating a global audience of more than1 million fans, including 880,000 YouTube subscribers and over 270,000 followers across social media.

“I’d like to say that what has unfolded these last 5 years was the result of some sort of masterplan; the truth is, it wasn’t. What’s transpired since November 2018 has been as organic as it was unexpected.” Constantine Delo-founder, leader and bass player for HSCC explains.

HSCC have achieved this remarkable success with zero support or endorsement from traditional gatekeepers and tastemakers. Their growth has come from one of the most powerful and authentic marketing tools available: a personal recommendation. This organic growth has been fuelled purely by fans who have shared their love for HSCC with friends and family.

HSCC’s following has grown from 100 views in Adelaide to 1 BILLION views from all corners of the globe. The band have also proven that they are not just another online sensation, with live audiences jumping at the opportunity to see them, with repeat sold out shows in every major city across Australia.

Mount Isa Mines Rodeo

Saturday Rodeo Rock Concert

Saturday Rodeo Rock Concert

James Johnston

In just two and a half years, James has achieved phenomenal success with his boot-stomping songs about life in the country. He’s ‘the man of the people’ and an artist destined to achieve great things on a global level.

Off the back of an enormously successful 2023, where James released his history-making 20-track debut album, "RAISED LIKE THAT," staged a sell-out five-city Australian regional tour, and became the most in-demand streamed Australian-based country music artist, he’s ready to commence growing his career in international markets.

“As the father of two boys, I want my concert to be for all country music lovers, regardless of age or where you come from. This show is for everyone to come and sing their hearts out and just have a damn good time,” said Johnston.

Once you listen to a James Johnston song, you never forget it, or his sound: driving guitars and pounding drums frame his gravelly voice that’s deep and soaring, then celebratory and soulful, telling stories of the country that revel in joy and nostalgia. There’s anthems that will fill dance floors and raise hands in the air, and quiet stories of empowerment, hardship, and love that will bring tears to knowing eyes. His words are lived-in and he sings with incredible heart because he was raised like that and he did grow up there.

Johnston’s undeniable talent and high-energy live show, paired with his hardworking and humble attitude, has declared him the one to watch coming out of Australia.

Saturday Rodeo Rock Concert

Zac And George

Meet Zac & George, two best mates from school who are on a mission to bring their country-inspired harmonies to the world stage.

The boys, who share an unwavering dream of becoming international artists, offer a blend of down-to-earth charm and a mischievous sense of humor. With each hit being written to capture life's experiences and heartfelt emotions, wrapped up in thought-provoking melodies and lyrics, the boys bring energy and excitement to every stage they perform on.

Their journey towards stardom has been nothing short of remarkable, with three top 10 Australian singles, millions of online streams, sold-out headline shows, and an ever-expanding social media presence. Zac & George are here to stay, and their artistic journey promises to be an unforgettable adventure.

So, come along, embrace the magic of their music, and embark on this exhilarating ride with them!

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