Accessibility Guide:
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    Our commitment to accessibility and inclusion

    At Mount Isa Mines Rodeo, we are dedicated to ensuring accessibility for all attendees. As an internationally recognised event and a cornerstone of both Mount Isa and the Australian rodeo circuit, we take pride in our commitment to accessibility and inclusion. Our event is passionately driven to make the Isa Rodeo celebrations a resounding success, striving to provide equal access to all attendees. We acknowledge that we are early on in our accessibility journey and are continually working to enhance accessibility measures, ensuring that everyone can fully enjoy and participate in the excitement and tradition of the Isa Rodeo experience.

    General Information

    Is there a designated toileting area for service animals?

    Currently, there are not specifically designated areas, however, there are grassed areas (insert locations of grassed areas or if no grass dirt, bark areas etc) that are suitable.

    Registered service and assistance animals are permitted throughout the event precinct however the nature of a rodeo includes multiple breeds of livestock including bulls, calves and horses. We recommend taking this into consideration and how it may affect your service animal when planning your attendance.

    Are there railings installed along the stairs to provide support and safety for attendees who may need assistance or have difficulty navigating stairs independently?

    Railings for stair access are in the venue's gold-allocated seating areas. Currently this is the only seating location that has railings.

    Can I use my Companion Card?

    Yes, if you are the holder of a companion card you can bring a carer or Companion who can receive free entry. You can book your companion ticket by calling (07) 4743 2706 or email please note you will be required to show your valid companion card when collecting your tickets.

    Accessible seating at Buchanan Park

    Does the venue have Accessible seating?

    Yes, there is at this 20 accessible seating for wheelchair users and people with mobility requirements available. These accessible seating areas are in the Platinum and Gold Seating Areas. There is enough room for those in Wheelchairs who cannot go into a particular seat to park and watch the Rodeo, however, these are not allocated spaces.

    How many accompanying guests or carers can be accommodated alongside a wheelchair space or bay at the rodeo?

    Currently, we allow one (1) companion/carer per accessible ticket – those that hold Companion Cards receive free entry into the event.

    Which seating sections at the rodeo are nearest to accessible entrances?

    The entrance to seating is on the ground level and is a flat concrete pathway to the top tier of the seating and accessible seating.

    Where can patrons who have low vision find the most suitable seating options at the rodeo?

    There is seating on the bottom level of the grandstand-style seating closest to the arena. These seats are accessed by stairs. Please note that only the stairs in the gold-ticketed area have handrails. There are also two (2) large screens that are located on either side of the Arena, these can be best viewed by the Platinum and Gold seats, however; some of the General Admission pass holders may also have a view that is just as good.

    Buchanan Park Seating Plan

    Mount Isa Mines Rodeo Seating Plan

    Accessible Bathrooms

    Are accessible bathroom facilities available for rodeo attendees?

    Yes, there are three accessible bathrooms in the venue

    Where can these facilities be found in the venue?

    One accessible bathroom is located just outside Sideshow Alley.

    Another is in the Buchanan Park Entertainment Centre and the other is on Rodeo Forecourt.

    Please see the Site Map or ask one of our friendly volunteers if you require additional directions.

    Are there All-Gender bathrooms facilities provided during the rodeo?

    There are no designated All-Gender bathroom facilities, however; the Accessible Toilet block is a Unisex bathroom.

    Are there 'Changing Places' facilities available during the rodeo?

    Currently, we do not have a changing places facility available on site.

    Assistance for deaf and hard of hearing guests

    Are there assistive listening devices available for guests who are deaf or hard of hearing?

    Currently, we do not have hearing loops, captions or Ausland interpreters, however we are working towards implementing this in the future.

    Assistance for blind or low vision guests

    Are there tactile indicators, braille signage or beacon wayfinding technology available to assist blind or low vision guests in navigating the precinct?

    Currently, we do not have tactile or beacon wayfinding or braille maps available, however, we are working towards implementing this in the future.

    Are there audio description services provided for blind or low-vision attendees during the event or visual presentations?

    Currently, we do not have any formal audio description services available.

    Guest services and Accessible Features

    What guest services are available to assist attendees with disability, such as dedicated staff members?

    Yes, there are volunteers inside the North Public Entry. Volunteers can be identified by the High Vis Yellow Vest they will be wearing.

    Inclusive signage

    Are there signs at the event to help me navigate?

    Yes, there is directional signage to accessible amenities. There are also visual screens throughout the venue.

    Family rooms/nursing mothers

    Are there designated family rooms available for parents with young children or nursing mothers?

    While we do not have designated ‘Family Room’ available, the accessible block of toilets can be utilised with seating inside the cubicles.

    We do not have any changing facilities within the Event Complex.


    Are there accessible car parks available on site?

    Yes, there are 16 designated accessible car parks at the venue located in the Buchanan Park Events Complex.

    Can parking be purchased/ pre-booked and how?

    All parking is free and there are no time limits for parking.

    Are there other alternative parking facilities close to the venue?

    Off-street parking can be found on East Street and Simpson Street. However, as we have allocated drop-off and pickup zones for the shuttle buses it is not recommended that attendees rely on off-street parking.

    There is ample room in the carpark, and Shuttle Bus facilities that run from multiple locations in town.

    Are there dedicated drop-off and pick-up points and are these accessible?

    The designated drop off and pick up points located within the carpark which is clearly marked with water barriers and flags.

    Passengers do not have curb ramp access it is step only. If you require an accessible drop off you can use the area at the front gate marked as ‘Volunteer Gate’.

    Getting To the venue

    What Public Transport is available?

    There is a free shuttle bus service that runs from multiple locations within town.

    Seats do not need to be booked and a Shuttle Bus.

    Timetable that will be released closer to the event date.

    Taxis can be booked by calling 131008.


    Does the event have a quiet or sensory space for attendees seeking a break from the action?

    As we are an outdoor event, we do not have designated areas that would be considered quiet. There are times throughout the days where we break for Lunch and Dinner which is a perfect opportunity for those who need to, are welcome to leave and come back as we offer pass outs until 10pm.

    Are sensory kits available?

    Currently, we do not have sensory kits available, however, this is something we aim to implement in the future. Due to the nature and loud noise of the event we encourage you to bring your own earplugs, headphones, sunglasses and other items that may assist you.

    Wheelchairs and mobility scooters

    Are wheelchairs available for guests who may require mobility assistance, and is there a designated area for pick-up and drop-off?

    Currently, we do not have an option to hire a wheelchair or mobility scooter. If you require a wheelchair or mobility scooter, we encourage you to bring your own or contact your local chemist to enquire about hiring a wheelchair or scooter.

    Are there accessible pathways to access the event?

    Yes, the Main-event precinct is one-level, with flat, concrete and hard dirt pathways. There are also ramps for those with accessible seating in the Gold seated area.

    First Aid

    What do I do if I need medical assistance?

    There is a first aid/mini hospital on site with qualified medical professionals. The medical facility is located next to the entry gate and has a flat level wheelchair accessible entrance.

    Food and Beverage

    Is there easy access to food and beverage vendors throughout the venue?

    There are food and beverage vendors accessible throughout the entire Rodeo Program from Thursday – Sunday.

    Are there diverse food and beverage options available to accommodate different dietary preferences and restrictions?

    Yes, there are a huge range of food vendors catering for dietary requirements including vegan/vegetarian/pescatarian/gluten, dairy and nut free.

    Venue Map

    Buchanan Park Events Center Venue Map