world championship rodeo

A new world championship rodeo event created by Isa Rodeo Limited in partnership with Mona Aboriginal Corporation.

Isa Rodeo Limited is working in partnership with Mona Aboriginal Corporation to develop and run the Mount Isa Mines Indigenous Rodeo Championships as a stand-alone event within the Mount Isa Mines Rodeo program from 2022.

Dedicated Program

The first annual Mount Isa Mines Indigenous Rodeo Championships will connect visitors with the Northwest Queensland region, the local Kalkadoon people, their stories and culture as well as visiting indigenous communities of northern Queensland. It will create lasting memories, discovery and learning. The new event will be an opportunity to celebrate the many visiting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities through song, dance, art and storytelling.

This new event will be support by a new volunteer program and accredited certificate program for indigenous youth to participate in prior to and during the event. Mona Aboriginal Corporation will run both programs as an opportunity for indigenous youth from north west and north Queensland communities to learn new skills and then put these into practise during the event.

Mona Aboriginal Corporation

The Vision of the Mona Aboriginal Corporation is to “Empower our Youth of Today for Tomorrow”.

The Mona Aboriginal Corporation is 100% Indigenous owned and run with 100% Indigenous staffing and volunteers and aims to empower Indigenous people as an organisation into the future.

To achieve our vision, the Mona Aboriginal Corporation has developed a number of culturally appropriate programs including a Cultural Horsemanship Program, Junior Ranger Mentor Program as well as an On Country Program for Youth Justice for the Mount Isa Region. These programs were all tailored towards an intervention for troubled adolescents.