Virtual Rodeo 8th August 2020



Message from the Minister for State Development, Tourism and Innovation, The Hon Kate Jones MP

Welcome to the Mount Isa Mines Virtual Rodeo.

The Mount Isa Mines Rodeo – the largest rodeo in the southern hemisphere – will be staged as a ‘virtual rodeo’ in 2020 and broadcast live to the globe in what’s believed to be an Australian first.

COVID-19 is the biggest challenge we’ve ever had to face. But it’s great to see the resilience and commitment of event organisers to ensure they can still bring the community together – ensuring that we continue to promote Outback Queensland to thousands of prospective visitors who are watching online.

Events are vital to the Palaszczuk Government’s strategy to rebuild Queensland’s economy and support local jobs long into the future.

We’re proud to support this event through Tourism and Events Queensland.

To all those participating, I wish you all the best of luck. Please be sure to share your experience on social media to share the beauty of our great state with people from around the world.

The Hon Kate Jones MP
Minister for State Development, Tourism and Innovation

Mount Isa Mines Rodeo CEO, Natalie Flecker

We feel very honoured to welcome you the our very first virtual rodeo in 2020.

We have been overwhelmed by the incredible support we’ve received from our strategic partners and sponsors who have continued their support to ensure we can bring you the Mount Isa Mines Virtual Rodeo 2020.

A special thank you to the competitors, who have nominated to compete from all over Australia and North America.  It wasn’t easy, and for many have gone out of their way to make it happen. 

On a personal level, I would like to particularly thank our volunteers, our local community, board members and all our team, including contractors, specialists, judges, and performers who have worked so hard behind the scenes to bring this new innovation in Rodeo.

Natalie Flecker
Chief Executive Officer - Mount Isa Mines Rodeo

Glencore Queensland Metals Chief Operating Officer Matt O’Neill

Mount Isa Mines returns in 2020 as the naming rights and founding sponsor of the Mount Isa Mines Rodeo, as the major event moves online this year to overcome the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This sponsorship continues to support the community when it needs it the most.

Mount Isa Mines and the Isa Rodeo together have formed a legendary partnership since 1959, and we’re standing alongside the Isa Rodeo to bring you the 2020 Mount Isa Mines Rodeo in an innovative way.

Mount Isa Mines has been a major sponsor since the first rodeo over 60 years ago, and while we can’t underestimate the effect the pandemic is having on our communities, we hope the virtual rodeo provides entertainment and benefit for the competitors and our community that otherwise would have been missed.

We hope you enjoy this virtual event from the safety and comfort of your living room or back yard, as we bring the best of rodeo to your door.

Matt O’Neill

Chief Operating Officer – Glencore Queensland Metals