Isa Rodeo Limited Members Code of Conduct

In applying for Membership you agree to abide by the Isa Rodeo Ltd Code of Conduct. The Code can be found on our website and requires that Members:

  • Abide by the rules of Isa Rodeo as set out in its Constitution;
  • Uphold the reputation and good standing of Isa Rodeo;
  • Act respectfully and with integrity;
  • Behave responsibly and conduct yourself in a manner that will not injure the reputation of Isa Rodeo, its events, organisers, participants, volunteers or sponsors, including treating other Members, guests, staff or volunteers with respect and courtesy and not harassing, abusing or threatening other Members, guests, staff, contractors, volunteers or sponsors, either physically, verbally or via social media.
  • Promptly pay membership fees as part of continued membership and keep my information updated.