Happy 100th birthday to our awesome sponsor, Mount Isa Mines! 

Mount Isa Mines Limited was established on 16 January 1924, almost a year after prospector John Campbell Miles discovered mineralised outcrops that contained high grades of lead-silver. Over two months, Miles had pegged out the ‘Racecourse’ lease in the area surrounding the outcrops. He named the larger outcrop ‘Mount Isa’, claiming 17 hectares that would become one of the most productive single mines in history. Boom!

Sam Strohmayr, Chief Operating Officer, Zinc Assets Australia said this year Mount Isa Mines marks 100 years of operation and 65 years of partnership with iconic Isa Rodeo.

“Through decades of strong partnerships and collaboration with the people of Mount Isa, we have invested in education, health, environment, Indigenous, and community development programs. One of the most enduring is our partnership with the Isa Rodeo, host of Road to Rodeo, the Indigenous Rodeo Championships and the famed Mount Isa Mines Rodeo each year in our community,”

“We’re pleased to continue our longstanding tradition of supporting the Mount Isa Mines Rodeo and Indigenous Rodeo in our centenary year. The Mount Isa Mines Rodeo generated more than $11 million into the Queensland economy, with a record number of riders last year. We’re looking forward to another record-breaking rodeo this year, as we celebrate our 100th year of operation,”

Sam Strohmayr, Chief Operating Officer