Virtual Rodeo 7-9th August 2020

Lee Kernaghan


About Lee Kernaghan

The son of country music singer and truck driver Ray Kernaghan, Lee Kernaghan was born in the Victorian town of Corryong and raised in southern New South Wales.

In 1986, Kernaghan travelled to the United States to represent Australia at the Nashville ‘Fan Fair’ country music festival. In 1993, his debut solo album The Outback Club won an ARIA award for Best Country Album and his hit single “Boys from the Bush” topped the Australian country music charts.

Kernaghan has dominated the charts with successive hit albums, including Outback Club, Three Chain Road, 1959, Hat Town, Electric Rodeo, The New Bush, Planet Country, Beautiful Noise and Spirit of the Anzacs. Kernaghan has made a huge impact on country music in Australia, creating a new musical landscape for the genre when he burst onto the scene.

To many people, Kernaghan represents the spirit and values of contemporary rural Australia. His love of the Australian way of life features in his music, and he is a passionate supporter of Australia’s rural culture

Where can you see Lee Kernaghan

Day Session
Saturday 10th Rodeo Rock Live