The People


About 600 volunteers, a crew of dedicated Rotarians, Rodeo committee members and an event manager all work together, driving the success of this mammoth event.

This year’s Isa Rodeo is a far cry from the event’s inception in 1958. It was then that the first Mount Isa Rotary Rodeo (MIRRI) Committee was formed.

The first committee was made up of TN Brunskill, AC Craig, PW Wynne, HA Wellington, RG Conley, GE McCoy, RW Holt, GJR Burton, Dr PA Tynan, Dr P Aston Pierce, FA Tadman, RG Muller, AV jones, C Monteath, Rev. S McPheat, B Dunbavand, O’Shea, RJ Fleming, F Aston, J O’Grady, WJ Malley, WE Sretton, R Stretton, J Hovi, L Teece, HL Beckett, Kelly, A Teece, A Saunders, C Steele, KS Harvey, BM Pitt, AV Jones, AJ Wellington, and G Linton.

It was this dedicated group of founders who helped shape the event into what it is today.


Now internationally recognised and the pride of Mount Isa and the Australian rodeo circuit, Mount Isa Mines Rotary Rodeo is in the hands of a committee driven to make the this year’s Isa Rodeo celebrations a huge success.

Today, there are two Rotary Clubs operating in Mount Isa and representatives from both are elected onto the Mount Isa Rotary Rodeo Inc (MIRRI) Board. These representatives offer a diverse range of skills, such as financial, corporate governance and human resources, and all provide their knowledge and hundreds of hours of service on a voluntary basis.

For over 50 years, the hard work, vision and dedication of the rodeo committee members has seen the event evolve into what it is today.

Here is the current organising committee

  • President– Darren Campi
  • Vice President –  Rowena McNally
  • Association Secretary– Paul Silva
  • Treasurer– Peter Tuppurainen
  • Grounds Director– Geoff Reiley
  • Bars Director– Kim Kretschman
  • Festivals/Art Union Director– Merilyn Harding
  • Manager(full-time position/non-voting board member) – Natalie Flecker

Board Secretary:- secretary@isarodeo.com.au


Here’s a copy of the mirri-constitution