Rodeo rules out Rum Rumbles

The 2007 Xstrata Mount Isa Mines Rotary Rodeo is making a stand against alcohol fuelled disturbances and hoping to create a greater family friendly environment. Queensland’s most famous and most consumed alcoholic spirit is rum and Mount Isa is no exception. In a radical move, the North West QLD Liquor Licensing has worked with event organisers to enforce the changes in an attempt to cut down binge rum consumption.

Rum will be available from the bars located at the new Buchanan Park complex which will for the first time house the annual Isa Rodeo; however from 11pm each night only mid-strength rum will be available in the hope of cutting down late night unsociable activity. The bars will remain open and trading until 1am each night of the event.

Mount Isa Rotary Rodeo is adopting this new procedure after the success shown from another North West Queensland event that was the first to implement these measures. The event had cut off full strength rum from purchase at 10pm each night and noticed a reduction in reported issues and accidents as a direct result from these actions yet did not feel the change impacted on anyone’s enjoyment.

“We want all our visitors and spectators to have fun and enjoy their Isa Rodeo experience, the key word is ALL. We will not be removing rum from sale or attempting to reduce peoples alcohol in take, we are simply doing what we can to ensure we provide a fun, safe and trusted environment for the rodeo and spectators”, said Mrs Joyce McCulloch, Mount Isa Rotary Rodeo General Manager.

Within the past 12 months, the Mount Isa Rotary Rodeo has shown great evolution as it heads into its next phase. The great growth is the moving of the event to the custom built $16.3million Buchanan Park complex. The organisers have also worked on creating a new Rodeo brand, enhanced communications and have put in place elements to streamline the event to ensure a smooth delivery and great experience for all spectators.

Mrs McCulloch added, “We are really proud of what we have achieved. All our decisions are made with the local Isa community and the national and international rodeo community in mind. We believe this event belongs to the people of Mount Isa and it is the locals that make the Isa Rodeo the success that it is. We’d like to thank all residents of Mount Isa for their patience, encouragement and support”.

The largest rodeo event in the Southern Hemisphere, the 2007 Xstrata Mount Isa Mines Rotary Rodeo will run from Friday 10th to Sunday 12th August 2007. With a record bounty on offer to competitors, the event is preparing for what will be its biggest year. The 2007 Xstrata Mount Isa Mines Rotary Rodeo is anticipating 25,000 visitors to take in the festivities in Mount Isa over the week long celebrations.

For further information about the 2007 Xstrata Mount Isa Mines Rotary Rodeo please contact the Media Unit at RODEO HQ on 07 47432706.