The Lingo

If you’re new to the world of rodeo, you may find some of the lingo a complete mystery. Here’s a handful of terms to help communicate with us rodeo folk.

Arm Jerker – a really stout animal that bucks with a lot of power.

Bucking Chutes – an enclosure where contestants get on their drawn bucking horse or bull.

Catch as Catch Can – any catch is legal (around neck, body, back legs).

Community Loop – throwing an exceptionally large loop.

Cross Fire – the heeler throws his rope before the header has changed direction of the steer.

Dallied – the action of wrapping a lasso around a saddle horn after a calf or steer has been roped.

Dogfall – a steer’s head facing in the opposite direction of his body with his feet caught under him. Rider must re-throw the steer.

Dragger or Trotter – a steer that hangs his head and doesn’t run after being roped, many times trotting or stopping.

Fading – a bull that spins and slowly gains ground in the direction he is spinning.

Floater – a horse with little power, jumping with all four feet up floating through the air.

Full Lick – spurring from the point of the horses shoulder to the back to the cantle of his saddle.

Hat Bender – an animal that doesn’t buck.

Hazer – a cowboy who rides along the right hand side of the steer keeping it running in a straight line. This makes the steer wrestlers job easier when jumping from his horse.

Head Hunter – a bull that looks for someone to charge.

Lap & Tap – no barrier is used.

Lounger – a horse that thrusts with hind feet forward rather than kicking out behind.

Mark Out – the rider must have both feet over the point of the horse’s shoulders before the horse’s front feet hit the ground.

Mash Up – clamping onto the horse with both legs and having no spurring action.

Money Barrel – the first barrel in barrel racing. A good first barrel sets the rider up for a good pattern.

Out the Back Door – when a rider is thrown off over the hind end of the animal.

Pantyhose – the heeler has roped the heels and the rope passes beyond the steer’s hocks and catches up under both flanks of the steer.

Pulling Leather – grabbing hold of the saddle.

Rake – spurring action.

Rank – an animal that is difficult to ride.

Scooter – pivoting on the front end with no real kicking action from the back.

Soft – an easy animal to ride or compete on.

Spurring Lick – getting in rhythm with the bucking action of the animal.

Star Gazer – a horse that bucks with his head up making it difficult for the rider to keep the slack out of his hack rein and to balance.

Sucks Back – an animal suddenly changes the direction in which it was bucking.

Sun Fisher – the animal twists his body in the air so that daylight shines on his belly.