Rope & Tie

A display of speed, skill and communication between a rider and his horse, Rope & Tie began on cattle stations where a man would rope a calf for branding and doctoring.

After a head start, the rider gives chase. From horseback the calf is roped, the rider then dismounts, throws the calf on one side and ties three of the calf’s legs together.

The time is recorded once the tie is completed. The rider then remounts his horse and moves forward to prove the tie will hold. No time is given if the animal kicks free.

There are enforced provisions for the welfare of the animal in this event. The rider is disqualified and fined if the animal is pulled backwards off his feet.  If the animal is dragged after it is roped, the rider is also disqualified and fined.

The fine is increased for subsequent offences ensuring

that only highly trained horses are used.