Bull Riding

Fast, furious and dangerous – not for the faint hearted.

In this event, the rider must hold on with one hand and stay on the bucking bull for eight seconds. Both animal and rider are judged, the rider on his style and the angry bull’s ability to buck the rider before the buzzer.

A rider is disqualified if he touches the bull or equipment with his free hand.

A top bull rider needs strong legs, upper body control and fast reflexes.  There is no need to spur, the cowboy simply uses his feet to pull himself in to position or to hold himself upright while the bull is spinning.

Not only does the rider risk injury during the ride, but also being trampled or gored by the angry bull once he is dismounted.

Equipment used is a plaited rope, with a handhold inserted, pulled tightly around the bull and held in place by the rider’s grip.