Champion Stock

Each year the Mount Isa Rotary Rodeo features the best in rodeo stock promising the ultimate battle between man and beast.

But no beasts have ever matched the legendry of Blondie & Chainsaw who will go down in the history books as the most famous Isa Rodeo champion feature stock.


Blondie, a Carandotta horse, was the reigning feature horse for many years at the Isa Rodeo during the early 80s.

The little mare with a big heart bucked off every cowboy that had the misfortune of riding her. She would follow each victory with a lap of honour before facing the applauding crowd for a moment of triumph and then bolt out the gates.

With each failed ride her fame increased, until one year a cowboy rode her out.

She was heavily in foal at the time.


With a career spanning more than 10 years, Chainsaw was one rough and tough animal – only successfully ridden by nine cowboys.

The Brahman bull won Australia’s Bull of the Year a world record eight times from 1987 to 1994 and became a legend in rodeo and bull riding circuits around Australia.

Chainsaw was not a large bull, however his power, speed and bucking style was difficult to track and predict.

Cowboys tried to study his style without much success. He was a thinking bull that changed his style and direction – whatever it took to throw the rider to the ground.

He was especially notorious for a sideways jump with all four feet out to one side and turning back to the right – all at the same time. The manoeuvre was almost impossible for left handed cowboys and made it difficult to anticipate his next move.

With each successful buck, Chainsaw would take a swipe at the failed cowboy and charge to the middle of the pit before doing a victory lap in front of the excited crowd.

His popularity with crowds and competitors was reflected with a minute of silence after his death at the Port Macquarie Bull Riding competition.

Chainsaw goes down as one of the greats in the rodeo world.