Chainsaw the Mascot

“Chainsaw” is the newest member of the Isa Rodeo team joining us as the official Bell & Moir Toyota Isa Rodeo Mascot.

Chainsaw comes from a long line of champion feature stock and is the Great Grandchild of the legendary “Chainsaw”.

Great Grandpa Chainsaw won Australia’s Bull of the Year a world record eight times from 1987 to 1994 and became a legend in rodeo and bull riding circuits around Australia.

This is a tough act to follow and Chainsaw is out to prove he is a champion in his own right having lived in the shadow of Great Grandpa’s legendry.

Just like Great Grandpa, Chainsaw is loved by rodeo fans and feared by cowboys. While he know longer competes, he is one rough and tough animal renowned for his power, speed and unpredictable bucking style.

He lived for the chance to throw a cowboy to the ground and was often seen prior to each ride snorting and pawing up dust at a picture of a cowboy with a target on his head.

Today, Chainsaw has attended anger management and discovered his softer foamy core. He spends his days entertaining the crowd at the Isa Rodeo and causing mischief around town.

His list of favourite activities include:

  • Charging cowboys
  • Stealing children’s cowboy hats
  • Running through the crowd in the Rodeo Arena stadium
  • Flirting with the XXXX Angels
  • Cruising around Mount Isa in a Bell & Moir Toyota Landcruiser
  • Visiting schools
  • Wrestling the protection clowns (watch out Chongy!!)
  • Dancing and shuffling