2014 Footage

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2014 Event Images

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Friday Favourites

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Sunday Favourites

‘Grass Hoppers Revenge’

Last year, Fraser Babbington had an 83pt ride on ‘Bad Thing’ to be leading into the short go where he drew a Bull from the Brandenburg Bucking Bulls company called ‘Grasshopper’. Fraser got him done with an 88pt ride to win the buckle. Well, it seems ‘Grasshopper’ didn’t forget about being ridden for time in the short go and decided this year to take it out on Ryan Storey. As usual ‘Grasshopper’ was fast out and bucking strong with his customary sideways twists and just when he felt Ryan was where he wanted him, he gave a little twist the other way. What is staggering is how fast ‘Grasshopper’ hunted Ryan down, it was like lightening. I’m pleased to report he’s OK but I reckon he’ll look forward to the match up and getting him done next time. Glad you’re OK Cowboy.

Big Al Loses a Friend

My thoughts go out to Big Al and Blue who lost their mate over the weekend. They did set him up for the kill it must be said and finally, it was done. R.I.P stick Cowboy !!

Chris Williams – 2nd Div Saddle Bronc Champion

A big thank you to major sponsor QANTAS for their continued involvement as naming rights sponsor for the 2nd Division Saddle Bronc championship at the 2014 Mt Isa Mines Rotary Rodeo. We really appreciate you guys being a continuing and major part of the Mt Isa Rodeo each year. A big congratulations to Chris Williams who, with a first go round score of 67pts and a short go score of 69pts topped the aggregate with 136pt, ahead of Sam Osborne and Tom Knight.

Cohen Collins

Always enjoy watching this Cowboy ride and this Garry McPhee bronc ‘Ridiculous’ always bucks out strong. This time, Cohen got ’em done for 75pts and second place in the go round.

Sam Champ and ‘Hot Rod’

Here’s what 82pts looks like. Rank ride Cowboy. Good job.