2014 Ladies Breakaway Roping Final

Thanks very much to the Clancy Corporation for being the major sponsor of the 2014 Mount Isa Mines Rotary Rodeo Ladies breakaway Roping competition. Jane Fay went into the short go in the lead having clocked a 1st round 3.5 second run to be ahead of Anna McPhee and Vickie Tattam who both clocked 4.45 secs in their first runs. Vickie and Anna both completed their runs,both making their catch and putting a time on the board for Jane to beat. The task for Jane was this. Make the catch, be quicker than 5 secs flat and the buckle was hers …. would you believe she got it done in 3 secs flat !! Congratulations Jane, amazing run. All images available for sale, EFT or Credit Card via Stephen Mowbray.